How To Beat A Wrongful DUI Charge

4A DUI can happen to any driver, posing some of the most serious charges anyone may face. All states have strict DUI laws that pose heavy penalties for anyone charged under them, so it’s important to have a good defense attorney whenever facing DUI charges. DUI laws exist in order to keep the general public safe from drunk drivers, however not all drivers charged with DUIs are truly guilty of the charges they face, as many factors go into shaping accidents.

The blood alcohol limit in most states is .08, and while many drivers may take the time to wait for the alcohol to leave their system after a night of partying, some factors can cause a breathalyzer to test unusually high. It’s the job of your DUI defense lawyer to first identify any external factors such as gasoline exposure or slightly alcoholic common consumables, in determining what may have caused a breathalyzer test to show unusually high results. When determining the penalties for a DUI charge, blood alcohol level is a huge factor, so creating reasonable doubt that the breathalyzer test was inaccurate can help your case a huge amount. Follow the link to get more information on a Law offices of Seppi Esfandi.

Any vehicle incident which is determined to be caused by alcoholic impairment may get charged as a DUI, even if the driver’s blood alcohol is below the limit. For many drivers with health conditions, DUI defense attorneys will try to establish their client’s already existing health conditions as the true factors behind their accidents, so as to avoid any direct penalties from the DUI charge. The direct penalties of DUI charges range from license suspension, to hefty fines, to considerable jail time as well.

When facing a DUI or DWI, a defense attorney should be contacted immediately, as the severity of such charges cannot be understated. Any workers who require their vehicles to provide transportation for them to work will need to hire a DUI defense attorney to handle both the court and DMV charges, as the DMV charge will be foremost responsible for their license suspension. License suspension is one of the first penalties any driver facing a DUI charge experiences, so it’s important to act as soon as possible to be able resume driving privileges. Find out more details about Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer.

Since over 50% of motor accidents resulting in fatalities are caused by drivers operating vehicles under the influence, DUI defense attorneys stand as high in demand. Since DUI laws are different state to state, you should search online for a DUI defense attorney that is located in your area. You should never wait to hire a DUI defense attorney, as it’s important to act quickly to establish any factors that can reduce the claim of your DUI charge. For more details about a criminal defense lawyer in los angeles, click the link.

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